Product reviews: Meal substitutes, shakes

Whether stepping into a health drink shop like Juice it Up to order The Zone, a Power Pro, a Protein Blast {shakes}, a Carrot Patch, Lava Flow or Melon Madness {smoothies} your mouth will soon enjoy the smooth thick sweetness of a cool nutritious drink. A drink that may replace the traditional breakfast you’ve come to loath or the fast-food lunch you’ve eaten more than a lifetime’s worth – before your twenty-first birthday!

At any rate, call them shakes…call them smoothies – when it comes down to it meal replacement beverages are basically the same. Their inventors discern ways of making not so pleasant tasting vitamins, minerals, and the rash of new fangled mind and body enhancement additives look and taste great! And then convince consumers that using their products will end health worries FOREVER!


Prior to deciding to implement shake diets we should do a bit of research if we truly want to know what’s nutritively best for us. As consumers, we must bear in mind that companies who sell diets are trying to make a living just like we are. As human beings, at least to some degree, diet developers may envision themselves living side-by-side with a world full of trim and fit Homo sapiens. But in reality, living in a world unfolding from such a dream would remove bread and butter – make that caviar and lobster – from diet promoters’ tables. This is why consumers must seek facts when making long-term dieting decisions. So let’s take a mini rundown on a few meal-replacement beverages and discuss their dietary potential.

(1) Chunky Strawberry – this Jamba Juice beverage has quite the catchy title. But don’t be fooled by the name because the drink contains more peanut butter than strawberries. It also has plenty of yogurt, bananas, soy milk and granola.

(2) Blueberry Acai – this Jamba berry specialty is prepared with soy milk, blueberries, strawberries and raspberry sherbet. The most important aspect of the drink is Jamba’s claim that it’s fortified with antioxidant juice from the acai berry. But, it just might be that automatic antioxidant boosts are included with the drink because health claims relative to acai have yet to be proven.

(3) Aloha Pineapple – one could assign this Jamba delicacy to lead the way for pineapple lovers saying hello to energy and goodbye to fatigue. This Hawaiian-style drink made from bananas, strawberries, plain nonfat yogurt, pineapple juice, pineapple sherbet and ice is nourishing, filling and dehydrating. At the same time, it contains