Product reviews: Vitamin Water – Part 1

Drinking water is very important for our health, and Vitamin Water makes sure that we do that. Vitamin Water comes in many flavors, from dragonfruit to grape, pomegranate to lemonade. Most Vitamin Water sells for about two dollars, but if you’re lucky you can find it at your supermarket for maybe one dollar or $1.75.

Beginning, Vitamin Water is truth in advertising: water with Vitamins in it. It’s not meant as a true “fitness water”, or as a substitute for meals, or as a substitute for taking your pills every morning. No, Vitamin Water is just a drink that tastes good and is good for you.

On the back of every Vitamin Water bottle, you can find a description of the drink (usually funny) that gives a real-life example of why you need the water. That’s pretty good marketing, if I do say so myself. My favorite one on the back of the Fruit Punch flavor says,

“If you woke up tired, you probably need more sleep. If you woke up drooling at your desk, you probably need a new job. If you woke up with a headache, on a Ferris wheel at the Idaho state fair, wearing a toga, you probably need answers, not to mention this product. Its got potassium and B vitamins to help you recover and feel refreshedkinda like in those old Irish Spring soap commercials. And if you’re like our boss, Mike, and woke up married to an Elvis impersonator, you probably need a lawyer.”

Continuing on, Glaceau gives you a variety of drinks to choose from. If you’re looking for a little extra boost of antioxidants, you might consider trying the acai-blueberry-pomegranate flavor. I think that many of the drinks have very good flavor to them, considering they’re packed with vitamins. Some people think that they taste too “vitamin-y” and have a bitter taste to them, but I don’t think they’ve taken into consideration that it’s VITAMIN WATER and there are VITAMINS in it.

Also, Vitamin Water comes in many different sizes. If you plan on getting a bottle for all your friends to share, you can get a whopper of a 32oz bottle. If this is just for you to sip on while on your way to Chicago on the Amtrak, then you should get the 20oz bottle, which has about two servings in it. If this is for your kid to take to daycare, a 12oz bottle is the right way to go.

One thing I like about Vitamin Water is that it DOESN’T CONTAIN CAFFEINE. This is great if you’re doing your homework at eight o’clock at night and are thirsty. Reach for tea? No. It’ll keep you up until midnight. Coffee? No. Vitamin Water? YES.

Let’s discuss the whole “Fitness Water” thing. VITAMIN WATER IS NOT A FITNESS WATER, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS. It doesn’t contain electrolytes, so it cannot be called a “fitness water”. This is a common mistake people make when determining what kind of beverage they’re drinking. A true “fitness water” would be something like Gatorade or Propel. Vitamin Water may contain potassium, but not the other benefits that other waters have. You’re going to have to chug down a whole lot of Vitamin Water to accomplish what one bottle of Gatorade can do. Would you want to drink over a liter of water just to say that you drank Vitamin Water when you could just reach for that other stuff intended for the track, gym, or bike trail? Raspberry-Apple has zinc. Orange-Orange has calcium. The closest that Vitamin Water gets is “Charge”, or Lemon-Lime. This contains electrolytes to keep you going. The other flavors DON’T!

In conclusion, overall I think Vitamin Water is great if you’re looking for a tasty drink that has vitamins in it. If you’re looking for fitness water, look again.