pure acai berry capsules question?

Question by sweety123: pure acai berry capsules question?
im am 15 years old and i just ordered the acai berry pills… i was wondering is it healthy for me and will it make me loose weight

i brought the 14 day trial

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Answer by DH
All of the stories I’ve read online and in magazines regarding the acai berry weight loss ‘regime’ also includes the use of diuretics that help flush your system out, making you believe you are actually losing the weight, when you’re actually only losing water weight since the diuretics clean your system out.

I thought about trying the acai ‘diet’ until I read that info. It’s not worth it to me to go through all that just to lose a few pounds temporarily. You’re much better off watching what you eat and working out if you want a better chance at losing the weight and keeping it off for good. But good luck with the pills.

As for them being healthy? I can’t say if they are or not. You can always take them to your doctor and ask them for their opinion.

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