Q&A: acai berry organic juice Does it work?

Question by Lyndsey: acai berry organic juice Does it work?
well my diet doctor told me that over all berrys do help you lose weight because of the antioxidants so… what im really wanted to know is peoples experiances with the acai berry.
My goal is to lose weight and help with my immune system and over all be more healthy. Im now taking Phentermine and also thyroid meds because i have a under active thyroid. But so fair in the last 11 days i have lost 14lbs in all with healthy eating and walking 2miles a day (power walk) WIll this acai berry juice help with my weight loss? i have the sambazon brand. So if anyone has used acai berry or knows someone who has let me know how you feel about it and any other info. thanks best anwser 10pnts

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