Q&A: best Acai berry weight loss products?

Question by Christina S: best Acai berry weight loss products?
I have been reading alot of the other questions asked on here and I would like to know what the best, or still good and low cost Acai berry weight loss product is. I would also like to know what would be good to cleanse with this product. I’ve seen people say that if you take Acai you should also use a cleanse, so help me community I’m ready to lose the weight. Ive gained 100 lbs from my time of pregnancy to now. thats almost 2 years of me being SUPER overweight. I’m also open to good exercise workouts, although it is hard for me, so baby steps please!!

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Answer by Lisa
monavie…it is a juice drink you can buy…you take a shot glass of it every morning…it has TONS of antioxidants in it…the main fruit is acai berry…the most i have seen in any product…however it is expensive…i drink it….it comes as a wine bottle …4 bottles per case…cost about 200 a case…but like i said…it is loaded in it…i dont use it for the weight loss affect..i use it for the nutritional benefits and antioxidants.

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