Q&A: Does Acai X3 work for you?

Question by Princess V: Does Acai X3 work for you?
today is my first day taking this “berry super fruit” Acai X3, and i must say, like other diet pills i have tried, i do feel a little jittery, although i feel like i have more energy. i am doing a colon cleanse simultaniously with the acai x3. the reviews i have read said, “the the average weight loss was 10lbs in the first month” with acai x3 alone. but the reviews that ive read where there was significant weight loss was with a colon cleanse and acai x3. so im just wondering what are your opinions, and results with acai x3? does it work for you?

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Answer by Eddie
in my opinion nothing beats good old harkwork excercise. no pain no gain.

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