Q&A: Passing Blood With Acai Colon Cleanse WTF?

Question by the good witch: Passing Blood With Acai Colon Cleanse WTF?
Hello I started a forteen day acai colon cleanse, not to lose weight just to flush out whatever. Anyways, this is day three and today I passed blood. It wasn’t bloody stool it was just blood. I’m not in any kind of pain and I’ve had two “movements” without blood since then. I did tons of research months before starting this cleanse and I am still doing some now but I cant find any reason I should be passing blood. Is this normal with colon cleansing?

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Answer by Laurent
There is no reason to “cleanse” your colon. It’s not dirty. It’s a fully functional, perfectly evolved internal organ. I would advise against anyone doing any “Acai Colon Cleanse” but ESPECIALLY if you are passing blood. So, discontinue immediately. If you see any more blood after you discontinue, visit the emergency department and get it checked out. Many thousands of people die each year from intestinal bleeding.

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