Q&A: Pure Hoodai Acai diet and max cleanse pro ?

Question by Raquel: Pure Hoodai Acai diet and max cleanse pro ?
Okay so I’ve heard about this diet called the “pure hoddia acai berry diet”. And it;s been on the news plus has mostly really good reviews. but as i look over it i notice that their are alot of people that try to scam this product . so im just wondering where do i get the product that was featured on new cites like CNN and not the scam that just wants to charge your card ?!!! – help and please if you don’t no don’t answer and don’t be rude either :))

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Answer by Shoppers
Honestly they are all scams. My friend tired to order them from a few different places and got cleaned right out by them.

I wouldn’t suggest looking for them at stores either, the ingredients in them are not healthy for your body.

If you are trying to lose weight and that’s why you want this product it’s not going to help you anyways. If you look on diet pill bottles they all say accompanied with diet and exercise because that’s the only way to lose weight. Burning more calories than you eat. There are no magic pills that will help. Sad but true. lol

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