Q&A: What are the nutrition facts & information for ACAI BERRY?

Question by Glamorous Unicorn: What are the nutrition facts & information for ACAI BERRY?
I heard it helps you lose weight and gives you energy and other beneficial nutrients and vitamins…
But I want to know exactly what it does give. When ever I try and find out information about it, I mainly read comments stating it gives you energy.
If it helps you lose weight; how does it? I know it has nutrients in it that help you do so, but what is that nutrient called, what does it do?

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Answer by malica
Good for you for trying to find more concrete information before just believing the hype. The truth is that this is just the latest fad diet scam to hit the markets. A few years ago it was hoodia. A few years from now it will be replaced with the next ‘big’ thing. Really, if these pills actually worked they wouldn’t go out of “fashion” within a year or two.

If you want to lose weight, eat foods that are healthier for you, watch your portion sizes, and get more physical activity.

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