Quick Weight Loss Pills – Acai Berry Power 400 Takes the Lead

The introduction of Acai Berry Power 400 has certainly taken the world by storm – the dieting world, that is. Everyone knows that there is a great need for weight loss supplements that actually work and preferably something that can work fast too. Anything priced at the vicinity of “affordable” is also more than welcome in this regard. Obviously, there are a multitude of weight loss supplements advertising the same thing. At the same time, there are other brands of acai capsules bearing the same promise. However, Acai Berry Power 400 still has the lead for several reasons.

1. It works! It works! It actually works!

Losing weight with Acai Berry Power 400 is relatively easy. The acai capsules of this type have the highest concentrations of acai extract necessary for the promotion of a faster metabolism and bowel movement. Organic acai, by itself, is known to carry the highest levels of oleic acids among the berry family. This is actually a monounsaturated omega9 fatty acid that is great for helping release bio toxins from the digestive tract. Aside from omega9, other essential fatty acids for faster metabolism are omega3 and omega 6 which are both found in this the Power 400 capsules.

Additionally, this tiny capsule has enough soluble fiber to help encourage our bowels to cleanse itself on a more regular basis. This is actually one important step to losing weight. A regular bowel movement helps increase the rate of digestion. After all, how can you digest your food faster when most of the undigested foods you can no longer use are still in your system?

Other essential components of the weight loss acai-based capsules include: amino acids, bioflavonoids, copper, small traces of magnesium, and potassium. All these help increase energy level that aids in faster digestion.

2. It works much faster than most weight loss supplements bearing acai extract.

One of the secrets of Power 400 is its high concentration of components. Imagine all those amino acids and minerals we just mentioned, and tripled its potency. If a single dose is strong enough, what would a triple dose afford you? This is primarily the reason why Power 400 works much faster than other more conventional weight loss pills.

Of course, the general advice is: you do not take Power 400 pills on its own without going on a diet or exercise. This is only a supplement to help you lose weight; and it cannot do that unless you do your share as well. You still need to cut down on those burgers and fries.

3. It is one of the most affordable brands in the market.

Incredibly, if you scout around the Internet, you can find a Power 400 that is most soothing to your pocket. Other weight loss pills in the market can certainly cost you a pretty penny. In the meantime, other acai-based supplements can reach as high as $150 per bottle. Power 400 is quite affordable. Depending on the distributor, a bottle of Power 400 may cost you less than $10 per bottle.