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Go to BuildMuscleBurnFat.info my FREE workout plan! I’ve noticed a disturbing thread in the Bodybuilding / Weight Loss Industry. People are being SCAMMED in to “FREE TRIAL” offers for supplements, all they have to do is pay for shipping and handling. But flip to the bottom of the page where you can link to the “terms and conditions”. If you don’t cancel within 15 days of their “initial ship date” you’ll get charged .90 and another .31 every month thereafter. It will be almost impossible to cancel or reverse the charges!!!! I am not saying that the supplements do not work. Some of them really do work and have clinical research to back it up. But this form of “marketing” is totally unethical! To protect yourself, NEVER use your credit card for a “FREE TRIAL”. Use Paypal for shopping on line, because they are far better at reversing fake charges than credit card companies are. And only buy supplements from reputable online distributes like Bodybuilding.com GNC.com VitaminShoppe.com and Amazon.com because they will NEVER try to scam you into a subscription, and they have fair and easy return policies. The main supplement I use is a Fat Loss Energy supplement called TEA REXX that is exclusively distributed buy Amazon.com. (Disclaimer: I Have an endorsement deal with TeaRexx, but it Is Product that I believe in and use EVERYDAY for energy and to stay Cut!) And best of All! Tea Rexx dose NOT use the “FREE TRIAL SCAM” because they do not need to! They stand behind there
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Here is my muscle building weight loss story, go to acaiberry-weightloss.com.au to read step by step how I did it. Through Acai Berry and my Diet I shredded off fat for an incredible weight loss journey. No need for steroids, I used only Acai Berry as my only supplement to get ripped.
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