Should I buy the Acai Berry Extreme pills?

Question by San Jose Mommy: Should I buy the Acai Berry Extreme pills?

Even if there is no weight loss, it is still good like taking a vitamin each day, right?

And should I lose weight in the process, then yay!

Do you have any experience with this pill?

How did you feel?

I found it while looking up appetite suppressants, but have decided not to go that route.

I have just a few pounds to shed, but have stalled out at 184 when my goal weight is 150.

I guess I am just looking to see if it is worth spending the $ 30…

Best answer:

Answer by Chelsea
No its a scam! Pills aren’t gonna suddenly solve your weight problems! Diet + exercise will! Don’t support these scammers, eat normal berries since I honestly think they’re the same thing. Plus anything with the word “extreme” in it screams fake.

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