Side effects for acai burn?

Question by bigmike7391: Side effects for acai burn?
My son ,16 years old, wants to take acai burn. Are there any side effects to taking acai burn?

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Answer by elijahyossie
As far as I can tell, there are no proven weight loss benefits from the acai berry, juice, or capsules.

It does seem to be a great supplement (I take it, but don’t sell the stuff!) and is full of anti oxidents, which help prevent damage to your body. But that’s what you should take it for, not weight loss or fat burning.

The acai berry itself is an amazing thing – has a lot of anti oxidents etc and is really good for you.

But there’s nothing really to suggest in scientific terms that it helps with weight loss.

And there are a lot of scams out there, be careful where you buy it from!

I take it, and I think I feel healthier and better. But it’s not some type of magic formula, sorry.

You can buy it in different forms – juice, capsules, etc. Or as a powder which you can add to other juices or smoothies.

You can buy it online, but be careful. Lots of sites selling it have a “free offer” thing, but to get it you have to sign up to a programme which sends you the stuff every month and bills you huge sums of money. Personally, I wouldn’t buy from a website which is a company I’ve never heard of, there are too many scam artists in the business. If you are looking on-line, personally I’d go for a company which sells more than just one thing, and has a range of supplements or juices, they are more likely to be in it for the long term and not ripping you off.

You can also buy it in local health food shops, do a search for ones near you. I’ve bought it from Amazon, and from Holland and Barrett, which is a UK health food shop.

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