so im thinking about going on the south beach diet?

Question by Zerexiam: so im thinking about going on the south beach diet?
what books would you recommend that i check out from the library? any experience? no acai berry ads please thats not free.
no take your acai berry off. south beach is better gtfo

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Answer by kaybee87059
The south beach diet is VERY restrictive…no carbs whatsoever at first. I did it for a while, and I did lose weight, but it was very, very hard to start with. But the trick is to exercise and keep yourself energized…you may find you need to eat a lot because what you’re allowed to eat at first is very low-cal, and it’s hard to get past the cravings for sweets and such. And since the idea is kind of to be able to eat as much as you want (within reason) as long as you stick to the guidelines, by all means, gorge yourself on fresh foods like Spinach and celery. And if you make eggs, you can buy little cartons of egg-white mixture that tastes just like regular eggs at the supermarket for pretty inexpensive. You can definitely do it! Good luck!

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