Super Food drinks! Reconstituted, from Concentrate, from extract, freeze dried?What does all this mean?

Question by zaccarterlmt: Super Food drinks! Reconstituted, from Concentrate, from extract, freeze dried?What does all this mean?
Is there anything such as a 100% Pure Condensed version of a super fruit “juice”..?

After reviewing the definitions below, I feel like all these Super Food Drinks, (Noni, Acai, Mangosteen, & Goji) are a broken down version of the fruit, with very little of its purest form being preserved. Example.. vitamin powder “from these fruits” mixed with “other readily available juices”. Why buy the juice if all I am paying for is crushed up vitamin version?

My research:

Reconstituted: “”

1.Constituted again, esp. of a liquid product made by adding water to dry solids from which the water has been evaporated: reconstituted orange juice.
2.To constitute again; reconstruct; recompose. To return (a dehydrated or concentrated food) to the liquid state by adding water. To reconstitute a bouillon cube with hot water. To undergo reconstitution; become reconstituted.
3.To bring (a liquid in concentrated or powder form) to normal strength by adding water.

“From” Concentrate:

1.To intensify; make denser, stronger, or purer, esp. by the removal or reduction of liquid: to concentrate fruit juice; to concentrate a sauce by boiling it down.
2.A concentrated form of something; a product of concentration: a juice concentrate.
3.A product that has been concentrated, especially a food that has been reduced in volume or bulk by the removal of liquid: pineapple juice concentrate.


1.To separate or obtain (a juice, ingredient, etc.) from a mixture by pressure, distillation, treatment with solvents, or the like.
2.A solution or preparation containing the active principles of a drug, plant juice, or the like; concentrated solution: vanilla extract.
3.A solid, viscid, or liquid substance extracted from a plant, drug, or the like, containing its essence in concentrated form: beef extract.

Freeze Drying: “Wikipedia”

Freeze drying (also known as lyophilization or cryodesiccation) is a dehydration process typically used to preserve a perishable material or make the material more convenient for transport. Freeze drying works by freezing the material and then reducing the surrounding pressure and adding enough heat to allow the frozen water in the material to sublime directly from the solid phase to gas.


Oxygen radical absorbance capacity:

What is this exactly and how is it determined in super food fruits?
Which of the above method’s is best? “or a method not mentioned” .. to ensure you have the highest amount and purest form of that superfood?

From reading all of that and looking at the package labels of various products,

I feel like I am paying for a mixture of juice and powdered vitamin versions of those super foods. Honestly I do not know which “manufactured process” is best when choosing a Super Food or Liquid diet supp.

Any Nutritionists, Doctors, Chemists or Scientists out there have an opinion?

Best answer:

Answer by drek
I think it depends on the individual cases. some drinks and waters have eloctrolytes for example, others are 100% pure juice, while others are the pure concentration which means you shouldn’t have a regular glass of it. My favorite is the pomegranate concentrate, you only take a shot glass of it a day.

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