Super Foods that promote good health

Just recently, I made a trip to my local supermarket thrilled to find that a lot of the manufacturers out there are riding in on the popularities of the Health Conscious market. There are abundance of probiotics,kefir,soymilk and before then there was the ever famous Tomtom Pomegranate juice. My husband buys the Acai juice and Minute maid blend of superberries with the blueberries,pomgranate juice and other berries. The thing for the simple minded consumer is this-don’t be fooled by the labels claim. If it’s pasteurized, got more than 20 g of sugar per serving, most likely it will do harm for your waistline than good.

For the past 9 months, I’ve been actually quietly sipping away this unmarketed brand sold from Freelife called Himalayan Goji juice. Unmarketed means simply not sold at the supermarket. It is independently sold by the company through a downline of executives and remarkably without my help-it has been doing well in so many countries not just the US.

I first came across this product through my husband’s uncle Ernie. He was in LAS Vegas, and met this couple who’s daughter had LUPUS. Incidentally they came to talking about me, as I was hospitalized, had a stroke and lost some of my vision due to Lupus complications.

Their daughter had been taking the magic potion for 2 years and is now lupus free. The uncle had sent me like an armful of copied information on the juice, and I didn’t read it for months. I wasn’t the type who was easy to believe the hype. Until one day, tired of the side effects of my chemotheraphy, tired, and having pains all over the body-what do I have to loose? By sheer inspiration and right timing…I ordered 1 bottle.

I was to drink at least 4 oz of the magic potion everyday. It was sweet to the taste with only 4 grams of sugar. The organic berries were grown in China, cold pressed and bottled in the US. There were tons of praises about this juice…www.gojihealthstories. com and I was partly convinced. After 3 weeks of drinking this stuff, I decided to order more. I had my montly check-up with my specialist and surprisingly enough my blood levels were improved. I compared these blood test results to my last check-up and even I was amazed at these numbers.

The goji berries have been a long source of anti-oxidants for thousands of years in the Tibetan mountain used by Buddhist monks known as their fountain of youth. In fact the the secret to Freelife’s success is maintaining the same PH (to an alkaline level)level of soil that these goji berries must be grown in. The belief is, the more acidic your body is the more you are prone to disease. Thus, the more alkaline your food is, the more it has the power to bring your body into a state of health.

It’s been 9 months now, since I’ve been faithfully taking this health drink..and I’ve been quite amazed. In comparison to my mother-in-law who decided to drink cranberry juice instead..we were on the same medications, she suffered multiple bladder infections, diarrhea,cataract surgery & loss of appetite. I on the otherhand, have been progressingly getting better, and my 2 doctors both neurologist and rheumatologist have told me they will be lowering the doses of my medication.

So, does super foods promote good health? I am a living testimony….and I can see you clearly.