The Acai Berry Diet Fad

Does the acai berry diet really work? You may have been hearing about the acai berry diet or seeing the ads plastered all over myspace and facebook in the last few months. Without a doubt, acai berries are the number one growing diet fad in the entire world. In fact, these stats are 100% backed up using google insights search tool. If you type in diet and look at the trends for the last 30 days, the top 3 rising searches in the ENTIRE weight loss and diet niche all have to do with acai berry. The top 3! There has not been this kind of speculation and hype about a diet fad since the south beach diet.

In fact, the acai berry diet is now even bigger than the south beach diet. If you type acai berry into google you are now presented with over 10 millon results! A year ago, the number of acai sites on the internet was at a low hundred or even double figure digits! The acai berry has risen very quickly in popularity, however, the Brazilians have not missed a beat. They have been using the acai berry for as long as they can remember, and for the most part they are absolutely thrilled that North America has taken on this latest craze about their beautiful berry.

Brazilians are making more money and creating more jobs do to the export of acai and acai products. Everyone and their mother are trying to grow or buy their own acai berry trees in small villiages in Brazil, a sign of economic hope for some born in areas so poor that they could never have dreamed of running their own businesses. Can you imagine, living in a poor village in Brazil, hoping maybe to make $20 US a day at best to support your family, and now having the ability to ship out thousands of dollars of merchandise that is sitting right in your back yard growing naturally. Talk about a great gift from nature.

Lately there has been somewhat of a shortage with acai berry supplements. Obviously, some companies were well more prepared then others for the sudden influx in demand for all sorts of acai berry products. If you can believe it – all acai products from acai pills, powder, frozen acai and more have all had to put temporary stops on shipping at one point or another simply because they could not keep up with the demand for one reason or another.

There are a few reasons why the above phenomena is happening. It’s considered a phenomena because in reality a company usually has overstock and not enough customers but time and time again different acai producers are finding themeslves without enough product to meet the wants and needs of consumers. One of the reasons is improper cashflow, but there are two bigger reasons. The first of those is that these companies are finding it hard in Brazil to find the capable shipping faculites to handle such a larege scale demand. The second reason is that in some cases they just can’t produce their product fast enough, it’s really going that fast.