The Acai Berry – Part 2

It’s easy to e cynical about healthfood products. They are always launched with a great fanfare and hundreds of wild claims about how they will cure serious diseases and allow people to live forever. Is this the case with acai, or is it something better?

The acai berry has been used for a long time by the people who live in South America – both the indigenous people and the settlers. Both groups claim that the berry has a beneficial effect on health. In light of this, we can see that the acai is hardly a brand new fad, but instead has some background of effectiveness to prove it.

Nonetheless, it would be wrong to suddenly start calling these claims facts without research and statistical data to back it up. The more we find out for sure about these berries, the more benefits we will be able to derive from them, and the more effectively we will be able to use them.

Interestingly, the early results of this scientific research is very promising. It even goes some way towards validating some of the wilder claims being made by the fans of the acai berry – for instance, in Florida, scientists have proved that acai berry extracts can kill cancer cells in laboratory conditions.

At this point of time, the results are too early to call conclusive, but they do prove that the acai berry is more than just another fruit. If it does prove to be an effective treatment for cancer in the future, it will be good news for cancer patients, as the current medication can have very severe side effects and can sometimes even cause death.

For now, the only safe conclusion that we can draw is that acai berries are good for general health, and as part of a balanced diet, can aid you to live a more healthy life.