The Amazing Acai Berry – How to Determine a Quality Product

Pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”, the acai fruit has recently become the subject of a health craze. The Brazilian people have been eating acai berries straight from the tree as one of their main staples for years. The berry is grown deep in the Amazon rain forest on acai palm trees in some of the richest soil on the planet. A single palm tree can grow between three to eight bunches of berries at a time. Each year, acai berries can be harvested from acai palm trees twice. The acai berry has formed a major portion of the diet of Amazon natives of Brazil for over a hundred years now.

At the present time, acai berries are popular in the wellness industry. The reason these berries have become so popular is because they are so rich in antioxidants. The benefits of acai berries make this fruit as a superfood.

The amazing berry the acai fruit juice comes from promotes such healthy vitamins and minerals as calcium, iron, healthy omega fats, antioxidants and electrolytes. Regular intake helps in killing bad bacteria, parasites and fungi. Like most berries, acai are also a healthy source of natural fibre, good for the cardiovascular system, digestive tract health and amazingly high concentration levels of antioxidants which combat premature aging. Resveratrol is actually found in Amazon acai berries. For someone suffering hypertension, these berries are highly recommended as a means to reduce symptoms and promote overall well-being. Although finding cancer treatments is a long process, it would be a great start for patients to start upping their antioxidants with acai berries. Eating acai berries can provide your body with fibres that are known to hugely decrease your blood cholesterol levels. If you need to add fibre to your diet, eating these berries is a safe and natural way to do so. Weight loss has also been associated with berries from the acai palm.

Because of the overwhelming growth and recognition of the acai berries, many knock off or scam products have been introduced. They are processed improperly, causing the nutritional benefits to break down and denature during the manufacturing process. After the berries are harvested, they need to be freeze-dried in a very short time of a few minutes. Because they are very delicate, they lose a significant amount of their nutrition shortly after being picked. The process also helps in converting acai berries into a tasty, healthy drink. By freeze drying the acai berries the nutrients are locked in. Many products on the market today are not harvested in this way and as a result, many nutrients are lost during processing.

Although it is not popularly known, acai berries are one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world. Acai berries have a higher level of antioxidants than any other fruit and are a surprisingly good source of fat and protein. Because of its short shelf-life fresh acai berries are rare to find with all of the complete nutrients still intact. Not all acai berry products contain the same amount of acai berries.

The popular thing right now is the acai berry diet, and as a result, there are many companies trying to pass off low quality acai. The following link will tell you about the quality and the positive effects of the acai berry and how products can differ from one another. Foods like spinach, blueberries, strawberries and wine are great but acai is even better. Improved vision and sleep patterns are other health benefits. There is a product on the market today that has the most unique blend of top quality ingredients, with the main ingredient the acai berry. The acai berry fruit certainly has more health benefits for diabetic patients than other deep coloured fruits containing anthocyanins. The overall health benefits are many. The full health benefits of the acai berry were once only experienced by Brazilian Amazon locals. But the quality and the effectiveness of these products can differ from one another by a huge margin. The acai berry was discovered many years ago by the people of the Amazon rainforest and has been discovered by the western world in recent years, with so many health benefits, the acai berry is worth trying.

While there are a number of other fruit juices that fight off antioxidants, none of them come close to acai juice. Care should be taken that you get pure acai berry juice and not an ordinary mixed fruit juice with some flavouring ingredients. With the best acai berry juice you get more than you would with just eating fruit. Finding a supplement that uses freeze dried acai berries is the best. What you end up with is a freeze dried acai powder that maintains all the health benefits of fresh acai.

As a matter of fact, acai berries a have more antioxidants than any other food known to man. Therefore, they are the most anti-oxidant rich plant of all natural plants. The acai berries used in supplements will vary based on the manufacturer of the supplement.

The remarkable health benefits of acai are continually being validated by modern science. To ensure maximum health benefits it is important to have pure acai so you can be confident you are getting the pure fruit. There are many health benefits of acai berry juice, a little fruit from the Amazon that people may be unaware of. Finding out the truth about this amazing fruit is not easy with the vast number of products on sale today. However, there is a superior product that is manufactured using a patented “superfood formula” (an exclusive freeze drying process) and contains an additional eighteen nutrient dense fruits along with the amazing acai berry. These fruits combine to form a premier balanced blend. To find out more about this amazing berry and its health benefits, and more importantly, where to get a quality product, go to the website below.

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