The Buzz About the Berry and the Company Behind it All

In the network marketing industry, Monavie is a relative newcomer but it has made a lot of splash that gave it the extra buzz it needed to gain attention. Is this a good business for you to join? Here is a short review of Monavie, the company and its product.

The Company

Monavie was founded in Utah by Dallin Larsen, a 17-year veteran in network marketing. Due to its founder’s past experience, Monavie was designed to operate as a network marketing company.

The Product

Among network marketing companies, Monavie is one unique entity, opting to sell only a single product. Its eponymous product is a health supplement in the form of a drink. The main ingredient of this supplement is the acai berry, a recognized source of antioxidants and other healthful nutrients such as B vitamins, calcium, potassium and iron. The healthful benefits of the fruit have been corroborated by a clinical research which showed that it contained more antioxidants than the placebo used in the study.

The product is made with juice extracts from acai berry.

The Business

Since Monavie the product is distributed mainly through network marketing, the compensation scheme is based on commissions made from sales of the drink, from which distributors will draw their main income. Commissions also get paid for recruiting new members as downlines. To join, a new distributor simply has to pay a $39 registration fee, which authorizes him or her to sell the drink.

The only drawback is the cost. A bottle of Monavie costs around $38. One bottle can cover health nutritional needs for about 7 days. Do the math and you’ll find that a customer will have to shell out over $150 a month just to fill a 30-day supply. If there are more family members in your household, then prepare to spend more than that amount. That can be a lot for some people.

In order to qualify for a commission, a distributor must be able to sell a minimum of four bottles monthly, which can cost around $130 to $150 dollars, excluding shipping charges.

For those who have the network and the customer base, however, Monavie seems like a solid business opportunity. Income is computed based on a binary compensation scheme, which also includes a 50% payout on the commissionable volume. That makes it possible for distributors to earn well even with just two recruits working under them.

The Monavie ‘Scam’

Monavie has come under attack recently, with some sectors calling the business a scam. The problem emerged when some distributors used the system of recruitment (which also happens to be a basis of the compensation system as well) and decided to abuse it. The reason is not really to sell the product but to recruit as many new members as possible and earn from the commissions that come out of those recruitments.

So the question is should you join?

Monavie is probably a business that’s best for people who have excellent sales capabilities. Those who have had network marketing experience before would also find this business quite lucrative, provided they have the capability to sell to a large market and recruit able downlines.

The main concern about Monavie is its competition. Without an able marketer, it would be difficult to sell this product amidst other outstanding health supplement lines currently available. In able hands, however, it can be a very promising business deal.

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