The Juice Wars In The Nutritional Industry

Nutritional Supplementation has undergone many changes. We have gone from Dr Linus Pauling’s recommendation of mega doses of Vitamin C, to Chewable Vitamins for Children, 1 a days for Adults, and many other herbs and supplements, in the forms of Pills, capsules, powders, and now Juices and Liquids.

Liquids provide much better absorption rates than pills and capsules. They are much easier assimilated in the body. The fillers that are put in many of our Drug Store and Big Box retailers are make absorption rates very low. Many of the Supplements that are sold through MLM’s or Network Companies are often much better quality.

I was very skeptical about the Super Juices and Liquids that now are abundant in the Marketplace because of their costs. I have tried many of them, and they are very good in the results they provide. Some of my personal favorites are Juices that have the 4 major Super Fruits in them, which are Acai, Mangosteen, Goji, and Noni. These are head and shoulders above all the other fruits on the planet in Nutritional content. provided you getting a premium grade, and not a watered down version, you should experienced improved overall energy and enhanced health. Acai is probably the most potent, nutrient-dense, anti-oxidant rich fruit we have discovered.

Goji is a close second, followed by Noni and Mangosteen. As we continue to explore the remote regions of the globe, we may find more potent fruits that can be harvested in sufficient quantities and sold to a nutrient deficient society. We should eat at least 5 servings daily of fruit for optimal health. The problem is that due to soil and mineral depletion and farming techniques, in an attempt to feed our population, most fruit we have readily available is very poor quality. So being able to consume these new organically harvested and wild-grown “Super Foods” is a viable option for many.

The better quality Juices on the market run around $40-$45 per bottle, and will last you about 1 -2 weeks. What started out with a couple of Companies, went to a handful, and now there are currently about 600 of these so called Super Juices, or Functional Beverages on the market. This is a credit to their increasing popularity and our need to improve our health.

Recently, this Industry has seen the introduction of the Super Fruits and Super Foods in a Chewable Tablet form. And these are not your Flintstones for adults. These are high quality, dense, organic nutritional compounds that can be packaged for a fraction of the cost of Juices, and require none of the handling problems associated with them. In addition to be being superior, they also include the Chewing aspect, which enhances digestion and absorption.

Look for more Super Food Chewable Supplements available in the future.

These niche products will gain in popularity in the future , as our poorly -nourished society looks for ways to stay healthy in a convenient, cost efficient, and time sensitive environment.