The New Super Juice Success Story

After attempting many online income opportunities and giving up a few months ago, I heard of Mona Vie.

What is it? It’s a delicious and energizing blend of the Brazilian acai berry plus other fruits and one of the nation’s top superfood containing amazing nutritional properties that has been discovered to support the body’s ability to protect itself from various ailments.

See what Oprah, CNN and Good Morning America say about this amazing product.

What makes it superior? The freeze-dried method of preserving the Acai Berry fruit in it’s natural state plus the exceptional grape like taste and health value!

My primary reason for investing in the product was because I was able to hear and witness continued health stories from average working class people, college students and home makers like myself. Not once, but several times locally and while vacationing out of state, not from the Internet or a flyer left on my windshield.

It also helped that I was acquainted with some of the people using the product and I was amazed at their health report cards and how they were more vibrant and approachable.

How they boasted about feeling better since drinking Mona Vie. Some of them even confided that they had a new enthusiam for life and the quality of their family time had improved.

The second reason for investing in this product was because my family and I actually tried the product over a 3-month period and experienced a renewed wellness, each different.

My spouse was surprised that his blood pressure has been steadily going down and at his next doctor’s visit will verify if he needs to keep his prescription medication.

My mother has a renewed energy and loves it because she is extremely sociable and now has the stamina to do more chores around her house and go

to more social events and take more trips.

My fifteen year is always hungry and now finds that he eats his three main meals a day and is not always hungry and no longer eats constantly between meals like before.

I suffer from female problems and since using the product I am not bloated and it seems like I am loosing weight.(Not intentionally!)

With such great benefits we decided this health product was worth sharing and are now proud distributors and we invite you to share our Mona Vie experiences by learning about and trying the product for yourself plus taking advantage of it’s income opportunity.

As with any quality investment there is a small cost. If health and quality are important to you then a small sacrifice to get started is worth more than a ‘weekly cigarette tab’, ‘monthly Blockbuster/Netflix rentals’, ‘weekly Beer runs’,

‘monthly subscriptions to Magazines you don’t keep up with’, etc. You get the picture!

For $120.00 plus a one time dsitributor membership fee of $39.00 you can become a living testimonial of what the product has done for you.

Have a taste party and share it with friends and they too will be surprised by the superior taste and curious about the product’s health benefits. When your guests make a purchase you earn; even better when your guest enroll as a distributor to

take advantage of the huge discounts and auto-ship program, you earn $$$! As simple as that.

In order to enjoy income opportunity it is essential that you remain active with your monthly supply. In all fairness for you to reap the health benefits you must use the product regularly and have it available to share withfamily, friends and business associates. This is how everybody earns, not just you.

As you can see this is not difficult to do and does not require you to become an overnight sales associate or a marketing guru.

This income opportunity is ideal for the serious and average working person desiring better health and a wellness lifestyle with a true desire for wanting the same for others.

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