Thinking of Ordering Acai Berry Free Trial? Read This First

Acai berry is very nutritious and contains many great ingredients such as omega fats, minerals and vitamins. It’s also a very powerful antioxidant and is rich in fiber. Because of its excellent nutrition there are many products based on it on the market. Many companies, especially those producing capsules, are offering an acai berry free trial – which is a great thing, being able to try it before you buy it is always good. Unfortunately a few bad companies are using the “free trial” offers to scam people. How exactly does the scam work? Continue to read to find out..

There are two parts here – a none scam part and a scam part, however a lot of people seem to mix up the two. I’ll start with the none scam part.

All the companies offering those free trials, will sign up you for an automated shipping when you order the trial. That is to say should you not cancel your trial in the time period specified, the credit card you used to pay for shipping and handling for free trial will be charged some amount and you will receive your next shipment. A lot of people call this a scam. It’s not. While the ethical part of not highlighting important details (like the fact you’ll be charged if you don’t cancel) may be a bit questionable. This is how the “free trial” industry operates, doesn’t matter if you order online, from a tv ad or a magazine, that’s how it works – you don’t cancel you get charged.

The details of how much you will be charged and when you need to cancel to avoid it are clearly stated in Terms of Use section of the web site you buy from. As well as often being displayed on the order page where you input your credit card number. So if someone fails to read it or fails to cancel in time, it’s that persons fault, and not by any means a scam.

The scam part of it is that a few companies are exploiting this system by making it impossible to cancel – not responding to phone calls or emails. Some people people got charged hundreds of dollars and ended up having to cancel their credit cards to stop the payments. This is obviously something you want to avoid, so it’s important to do some research first on the company. Pay attention though to why people claim a company is a “scam” as I pointed out a lot of people claim they got scammed because they didn’t read that they needed to cancel. While it’s an unfortunate situation, it doesn’t make such a company scammers.

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