Want to Purchase Acai Berry? Here?s What to Look Out For

Does it matter where you purchase acai berry? Definitely! Here are some guidelines for consumers who have heard about the benefits of this super food and are planning on buying the fruit itself and the products containing it. 


Before you purchase acai berry, find an acai company that creates a quality, organic, pure acai products who will not rip you off. Because of its popularity, many manufacturers have entered the market creating watered down acai products with fillers, which give consumers none of the benefits that authentic acai berries can give you.


Look for products that have certified organic ingredients. A legitimate company will produce a certificate to prove that their products are Certified Organic. This is important as non-organic antioxidant products can contain chemical pesticides, herbicides and other toxins.


Make sure the acai you are buying has absolutely no preservatives. When purchasing any health products, sometimes the benefits can be canceled out by the preservatives that are added to the product.


Purchase acai berry that has been processed within 24 hours. Safely transporting ‘The Crown Jewel of the Amazon,’ as it is often called, across the world is not an easy task. The highly potent berry starts losing its active properties within 24 hours of being picked, and for companies that care about producing a quality product, this is no simple feat. 


If you’re buying it in juice form, purchase acai berry that contains no added sugar, you don’t want sugar in your acai for obvious reasons and that’s because sugar is the number one cause of inflammation and acai is an anti-inflammatory. Since the acai berry has high levels of antioxidants, you don’t want anything else in there that would compromise its high ORAC levels. Also acai has been linked to battling leukemia and cancer feeds off of sugar.


To preserve the berry’s nutrients, Acai must be freeze-dried. So purchase acai berry that is freeze-dried and not spray dried. Spray drying involves heating the berries at high temperatures, which destroys the active properties. In this process, they are also sprayed with a carrier such as maltodextrin to dry them out.


Make sure that when you purchase acai berry pulp juice, the product must come in a glass bottle and is unclarified and unfiltered. Acai pulp juice packaged in a plastic bottle will cause plastic leeching. The only acai products that are acceptable in plastic bottles and this plastic must be a hard plastic are capsules and loose powder.


If you purchase acai berry, you must find out if they are available in stores. Real acai companies sell their products in stores, fake “free trial companies” only sell online because they are not legitimate enough to get their products in major chains that carry acai.

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