Warning Acai Berry and Acaiburn are a scam.?

Question by blabber: Warning Acai Berry and Acaiburn are a scam.?
I recently agreed to a free trial with Acaiburn to try Acai Berry weight loss tablets, initially the website stated that it was a free trial and you only had to pay $ 4.95 Postage and Handling, once I had entered my credit card details, they changed there mind and the site stated I now had to pay $ 19.95 Postage and Handling, I read every last line of fine print and NO where did I agree to sign up for anything else.The site stated that it was a free trial that I could cancel at any time and only having to pay for Postage and Handling, at the end of the sign up a box popped up stating I could choose between free postage or a free e book I choose the free postage although within days I had been charged $ 19.95 postage, I then had 4 other charges from around the globe stating mydiet aid, my weight loss partner and other crap charging small amounts onto my credit card, ( I have marked all charges as fraud), Acia burn advised over the phone that by signing up to there program you agree for them to charge these amounts and give your credit card details across the world to other companies to do the same, so I received the pills and was concerned that there was no contact details for company acknowledgement on any of the paperwork or the bottle, so I used the pills as instructed for the month and they did nothing, I was then charged $ 80.00AU, Again no where on there site when ordering does it state you have to pay for the product it states continually it is a free trial and that you only pay for postage and handling,
Apparently Acaiburns free trial only pay for postage is not a free trial,
Unless you return the product for a refund you have to pay for it,
So I rang and told them I was returning the product and was given a number to quote on my return.
So I returned there crap product with a few pills left in the bottle, and 3 weeks later had not received a refund, I called again, all long distance calls to America mind you. and I was asked for my tracking number for postage, I advised the operator that in Australia you do not recieve a tracking number only a receipt, unless you pay for registered post, and that I had not, oh oh she said well we can not give you a refund unless you can prove you have returned the product to us. I have had the charge reveresed through my bank and since this time I have had another 6 charges from Acaiburn and affiliated companies, which have also been marked as fraud and charged back, I am writing this as I wish someone had warned me before I purchased this product. And also I have noted that there are certain people on this site, that are pushing Acia burn, they answer to every question on weight loss with a link to one of these fraudulent sites.
If you search google for Acaiberry Acaiburn scam you will find that Acaiburn them selves have created this listing to direct you onto there page to avoid anyone ready about there scams, this in it’s self says it all . I wish I had been given the warning.
Gaven are you sure you are not affiliated with the Acai berry scam
As I note you have just only today created you account and this is the only answer you have given ?

With what do you know a link to an acai berry scam website.

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Answer by Joanna B
No he is not joined to your company because today I am also a victim of your vicious scam and your 3 (yes three) sister companies have altogether in 3 weeks debit £94.60 from my credit card and yes I will be getting this refunded because i am a manageress of a large bank and have reported this and your facebook weblink (yes i also reported you to facebook) and sent every documentation along to my fraud department and have been assured by my own private solicitor (Russell and Russell) that they have a great case to take to court. IT IS ILLEGAL TO DEBIT A CUSTOMERS BANK ACCOUNT/CREDIT CARD OTHER AMOUNTS OF MONEY EXCEPT FOR THE SOLE PAYMENTS THAT THE CUSTOMER HAS AGREED TO PAY.

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