weight loss it is possible?

Question by anna smith: weight loss it is possible?
weight loss it is possible?i wanna know that weight loss is possible in 3 month or not.i wanna lose 25

pound in 3 months………..

i think…….http://answers.yahoo.com/

help me to get answer.


check it will it work?

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Answer by Ridf
Fast weight loss a cup of milk per day

Many people are aware of high nutritional value of milk, all that drinking too much will put on weight, but do not know as long as the proper way of drinking, dairy products can really play a role in weight control, because the calcium in dairy products and other special nutrition The role of ingredients

In this way, the body’s energy consumption reduced fat synthesis, it is easy to gain weight. In addition, dairy products are also rich in branched-chain amino acids, it can also reduce the synthesis of fat.

from: http://www.healthlifeday.com/archives/fast-weight-loss-a-cup-of-milk-per-day

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