Weight loss- no acai berry stuff/colon cleanse!?

Question by soccergirl: Weight loss- no acai berry stuff/colon cleanse!?
Okay, I am 14, I weight 145 (I know that sounds like a lot but just wait), I am 5′ 8” (see? I’m tall.) I want to lose at least 15 lbs the HEALTHY way. I play soccer 3x a week (practice tuesdays, not very good exercise though, pretty laid back), game on wednesdays (good exercise), and all star practices on fridays (good exercise.) I also have all star tournaments but not every weekend. I volunteer at a camp and we walk to a pool & swim everyday (I don’t always swim though.) I don’t eat horribly but they could be improved. Whats I’m going to try to do is cut our junk (brownies, cookies, chocolate, chips, ect.) I’m also going to either run or cycle saturdays & sundays for 30-60min. I’m also going to add in some strength stuff (crunches, lunges, squats, ect.) after the run/cycle to tone up. If anyone has any more suggestions for me, that would really help! But please, I don’t want people telling me to use acai berry, colon cleanse, starvation diet, or any diets for that matter because I’m doing this the healthy way. Thank you! 🙂

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Answer by ihyer01
what u are doing is perfect just drink a lot of water

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