What Are Free Radicals – The Benefits of Antioxidents

Humans don’t actually age, or get sick or get diseases, our cells do. In order for you to stay healthier, help prevent disease, you must provide your cells with the proper fuel and protection. Just like putting gas in our cars, that’s the right fuel to make things work at the optimal level. If you put apple juice in your cars gas tank, it may run for a short time, but it would eventually start to sputtter, and die, same goes for your cells.

A human cell is comprised of many atoms, and 2 electrons. When these healthy cells replicate themselves, make an exact copy, this helps the body stay younger with minimal chance for disease and decay. Your body mantains and repairs itself through our millions of cells, from the inside out. Feed your cells the proper fuel for them to do this, and results will be obvious, if you don’t, the results will be even more obvious.

Free radicals simply put are the atoms (which comprise our cells) missing 1 electron, doesn’t seem that bad, but here’s what they do. Free radicals travel around the body and steal electrons from surrounding healthy atoms, there by destroying them and turning them into free radicals. When these damaged cells replicate, they make a damged copy of themselves, or more free radicals, and this leads to our getting sick and disease, and aging more rapidly. Free radicals also destroy healthy cells, they kill them off, once it’s dead it’s gone.

Free radicals come from many places, here are a few:
-Stress -Pollution
-Smoking -Medications
-Food additives -Pesticides and many more.

The solution to eliminating free radicals from our bodies is antioxidents! Antioxidents have more, or exta electrons to share with free radicals to transform them into healthy cells, thus eliminating their harmful destruction. Simply by consuming foods or supplements that have scientifically proven to be high in antioxidents, we can give our cells the fuel they need to mantain and repair themselves at the optimal level. By doing this we stay younger, healthier and have a much better quality of life.

Antioxidents are found in foods sources such as, oils, nuts and beans but fruits and vegetables tend to have the highest antioxident levels. Antioxident levels are measured with the ORAC scale.(Oxygen Radical Absorpsion Capacity) Pomegranates, blueberries, wolfberries, purple and white grape, cranberries and lychee fruit are some that score high on the ORAC scale. Perhaps the crown jewel of them all is the Acai (Ah-sigh-ee) berry, which scores the highest on the scale by far.

The Acai berry is now widely recognized as the #1 superfood on the panet. Found high atop the towering palms in the Amazon rainforest, the Acai has the complete complement of nutrients, natures superfood.