what is the best acai berry product on the market?

Question by : what is the best acai berry product on the market?
I want to purchase an acai berry product (pills or juice) but I don’t know what website to go to buy them or exactly what product to buy. I was thinking of visiting GNC.com because they don’t seem to be a place to do a scam.

Can anyone recommend what I should get? I want to lose like 20 pounds by like june if that’s at all possible. Although in all honesty, Il be happy with any weight loss. I welcome all advice!!! Thank you
just a little side note: I dont want a free trial. I personally do not trust them. dont you have to give credit card information. i heard many people complain about those scams.

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Answer by Daisy.
Acai berry is a fruit and is good for you like all fruits are.

The products you see advertised such as diet pills etc are a waste of money and don’t work, and some have nasty side effects. No pill, potion or supplement will help with weight loss.

All you need is a good healthy diet with lots of fruit and veg. It takes time and motivation 🙂

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