What is the Best Acai Product?

Everyone keeps asking me, “what is the best Acai product?” This was not initially an easy answer, until I started really examining the possibilities. There are a whole bunch of Acai berry products on the market today so it is hard to know which is the best. Well today, I would like to clear up any questions you might have.

I’ve been doing a bunch of research on the subject of Acai berries because I am very interested in healthy food and eating healthy. I feel at this point it will benefit readers if I publish my results.

Why Choose Acai in the First Place?

Health Benefits

Acai berries have far more antioxidants than any other fruit. Even more than blueberries! Besides that, the nutrients in Acai berry supplements help many other diseases and maladies, from diabetes to arthritis to blood clotting. It really is a worthwhile supplement to add to your daily nutrition.

Published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a study showed that extracts from Acai berries triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86 percent of leukemia cells tested.

“Acai berries are already considered one of the richest fruit sources of antioxidants,” said Stephen Talcott, an assistant professor with UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. “This study was an important step toward learning what people may gain from using beverages, dietary supplements or other products made with the berries.”

Weight Loss Benefits

The Acai berry can be a great weight loss aid. The berry’s natural concoction of essential fatty acids, fiber, phytosterols and amino acids work together to help your body burn fat more efficiently, process food more quickly and shed the unwanted pounds that you’d like to lose.

Essential Fatty Acids

Our bodies need essential fatty acids to maintain proper health. Our bodies are unable to produce Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. It just so happens that these fatty acids are plentiful in Acai berries. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help increase your metabolism, which can help you shed those extra pounds.


Acai contains a generous amount of fiber, which helps your digestive tract to move food through your body. In this way, excess food is eliminated rather than absorbed and turned into fat. Similar to the fatty acids mentioned above, fiber also helps to satiate hunger.

Amino Acids

The Acai berry is rich with amino acids, which are widely known as the building blocks of protein. Your muscles need these amino acids in order to operate properly, and to regenerate from resistance training trauma or other exercise stress. Since the fatty acids in Acai increase your metabolism and the amino acids build your muscles, we can say that the nutrients in Acai berries help your body burn fat and energy more efficiently, causing you to lose weight.


These building blocks of cell membranes help fortify your digestive tract, moving waste materials out and absorbing nutrients more efficiently. Acai berries are one possible source of phytosterols.

The Best Solution: Extreme Acai

Firstly, I will tell you straight up that Extreme Acai is the best Acai berry product on the market. This is a 100% Acai berry product that can be taken daily.

Extreme Acai is not gummed up with fillers or additives. It is not loaded with accessory supplements for marketing purposes. This is the real deal Acai berry supplement.

I have found numerous polls around the web that rank Extreme Acai higher than most other Acai berry products. Extreme Acai is always ranked in the top 3 and is often rated #1.

My source for Extreme Acai is a US-only distributor and offers a 14 day free trial for your convenience. I am not a distributor of this product, nor am I involved with any multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. I am promoting Extreme Acai because it works and because we all can use help staying healthy and losing weight.

Acai Juice Products

You can get Acai juice products from various MLM companies. You can go to your local health food store, GNC, Vitamin World, etc… and get an Acai juice product. You can even go to your supermarket and probably find something. So what’s the problem?

Acai berry juice supplements are notoriously full of sugar and are diluted so much that they are not even worth taking for the health benefits. Just use these type of products if you want to suck down a bunch of sugary fruit juice.

Aside from that, they are often overpriced, and many Acai berry juice products have not harvested and process the Acai berries correctly. Acai must be processed immediately or flash frozen once they are picked, otherwise the nutritional benefits degrade over time. Many juice products have to go through lengthy processing before they are consumed.

Acai Cleansing & Detox Products

Based on product reviews I’ve heard and read, Acai berry products that are specifically marketed as cleansing supplements will make you sit on the toilet for extended periods of time. They are also associated with abdominal discomfort and cramping. Detox supplements aren’t much different.

Acai cleansing products should be avoided for the most part, unless you like visiting the bathroom 10 times a day. Aside from that, they too are often overpriced because they are marketing as ‘cleansing’ supplements, which are all the rage right now in some weight loss discussions. I tend not to support cleansing supplements, since you can cleanse yourself by properly eating the healthiest foods.

Acai detox supplements should also be avoided for the same reasons as the cleansing supplements. Cleansing usually refers to your digestive systems, typically the intestinal area, while detox is usually thought to mean the whole body. Excreting toxins through the skin and such… well I’ve got news for you. Acai berries don’t detoxify you in that way.

The best Acai berry products will detoxify you by antioxidant activity alone. I perceive free radicals as possibly the most toxic substance made within your body. By using a good Acai supplement and by eating healthy food, you will be able to ‘detox’ yourself without additional help.

In Conclusion

Don’t fall for the hype. Juice products are the worst of the lot, which cleansing and detox supplements are guilty of milking the currently marketing craze for those type of products. Thanks Hollywood.

By investing in a 100% pure Acai berry product like Extreme Acai, you will get all the antioxidant benefits that your body needs. Prepare yourself for the future by trying and continuing to use the best antioxidant product on the market today, Extreme Acai.

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