What is the correct way to make the Acai Bowl at Planet Smoothie?

Question by amandahope_1981: What is the correct way to make the Acai Bowl at Planet Smoothie?
I get these bowls ALL THE TIME and I have gone to about 5 different Planet Smoothies to get them. There is only one that I go to that just doesn’t make them right, but they swear they are doing it the right way and everyone else is not. It’s really buggin’ me because I pay like $ 6.50 for this thing. Every time I get it at this particular store it’s very watery (just like a regular smoothie or thinner), and they just put chucks of bananas in there rather than slices. They said it’s supposed to be like that and that everyone else is probably putting more acai or ice in it to make it thicker and they are not suppose to. I just think they are bullsh*ting me right?

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Answer by da.shad0w
Listen, everyone is out to make a buck. This one place is probably skimping on the acai or something to save a buck. At $ 6.50 a pop I wouldn’t buy an acai smoothie.

Just get a free trial of some Extreme Acai at the source link below, and you’ll be all set. There’s probably a way to game the system by using different order information to get enough free trials to last a couple months. If you like it, save up all those $ 6.50s and lay down some l00t to buy a real acai supplement once the free trials are gone. You’ll be able to avoid all that nasty sugar too.

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