What Stores In LA,California Sell Acai Berry Detox &&Colon Cleanse?

Question by Girlyy: What Stores In LA,California Sell Acai Berry Detox &&Colon Cleanse?
What stores in Los Angeles California sell Acai Berry Detox?&&Colon Cleanse? I’ve read so many good reviews about this combination that I want to try it for myself! 🙂

I really want to lose weight! 🙂 Like 30 pounds in 5 months (By the second week of Sept.). So any diets the are recommended will be appreciated. && any exercise rutines will also be appreciated.

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Answer by collegestreet1
A good way to cleanse your body is doing a colon flush or whole body cleanse twice a month. Usually what I will do is sign-up for a free trial then cancel it when i get my bottle. That way i have a month supply of cleanse for only $ 3-$ 5 bucks instead of $ 50. I don’t know what your looking for but you can potential loose a easy 5 to 15 pounds of waste without dehydrating yourself. Well I hope this helps. Here are the free trials I signed up for. It cost me about 10 bucks total and got about 3 months worth of cleasenes 🙂 Also, the nice thing about these are they are all clean healthy ingredients. It allows me to eat like i’m 12 again without gaining a pound 🙂 THESE PRODUCTS WILL JUMP START YOUR WEIGHTLOSS CAMPAIGN!!! GOOD LUCK I GOT MY BOTTLES IN ABOUT 3 DAYS!!! 🙂 I also ran 30 minutes a day and lost about 35 pounds in 2 months


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