Where can I buy acai berry from a store?

Question by JayJay: Where can I buy acai berry from a store?
What works better the juice,pills,….etc?
If you prefer the juice what type should I look for?
I want to buy acai berry preferably at Walmart,or a type of store like that.

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Answer by Abey c
save your money.. the exact same effect acai berry delivers can be acheived by eating unwashed grapes..

the secret is not the berry, it’s in the pickin’….dirty, filthy, little natives with grimey hands plucking and handling these berries, and the resultant filth left unwashed can lead to expedient evacuation upon ingestion….

those bottled elixirs are one e-coli count from recall, just like south american fruits and veggies..

if all you wanna do is poop til you whoop, then eat unwashed grapes, the dirtier the better.

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