where can i find acai berries?

Question by Truth: where can i find acai berries?
Tell me more about acai berries. I would like to purchase it but where can I get it. Do they sell them in NY in the original fruit. Should I just get it in the health store as a bar? Will it have the same effect?
How does it ‘Cleanse”? Just by making you poop? I think I poop regularly enough. How does it remove the toxins?

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Answer by TX2step
Acai berries are a specialty blueberry-type berry, from Brazil. They’re exceptionally high in antioxidants. I don’t know if you can buy them fresh, but specialty or gourmet markets might carry them (although they’ll be expensive). You can buy acai juice, and Hagen Daz has a private reserve acai sorbet at the grocery store (more money than their other sorbets).

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