Where can i find USA Organic Acai Berry?

Question by LJ: Where can i find USA Organic Acai Berry?
Iam trying to lose weight and wanted to know where can i buy 100 pure organic USDA ORGANIC CERTIFIED Acai Berry

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Answer by ReneeAllyson
I have taken pure 100% organic acai for the last 3 years, to be exact. I’ve taken juices, but the freeze dried acai that perfect supplements puts out is the best by far. I’m a health teacher, and someone who has been studying acai and doing plenty of my own research.

What I like about this brand is that I can buy 3 bottles @ 120 caps each, and they last me for 6 months. You can feel free to take 2-4 caps a day depending on your health needs.

You can lose weight with acai (it naturally will enhance you’re metabolism, and it has an abundance of nutrients which satisfy you as well), just as I saw my friend from church do, and I have as well. If you click through the source link below, it will lead you to a website that will connect you with perfect acai (the brand I buy). I think you’ll be very pleased with it as I have been. They offer a discount promo code on any of their products as well.

Good Luck!

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