Who Else Wants The Health Benefits Of The Goji Berry?

As more people have begun to educate themselves on health and wellness they are realizing that many things that are sold to them, like fruit juice for example, aren’t healthy for them at all. You might be asking, why wouldn’t fruit juice be healthy?

Most fruit juice you find in the grocery store is unhealthy because it is watered down and loaded with added sugar and preservatives. It’s hardly fruit juice, just read the ingredients.

If you are wondering how to get healthy juice go to your health food store and get organic fruit and make the juice yourself. If you don’t have time to make juice at home and need it bottled or want to try another type of healthy fruit juice you should give goji berry juice a try.

The goji berry is found in regions like China, Mongolia, and Tibet (in the Himalayas). The goji berry has been eaten by the people of these regions for centuries and has even been nicknamed the “happy berry” at local festivals. It is not until recently that people in the west have begun to notice the health benefits of goji berry juice.

The Chinese include the goji berry in their medical practices. Traditionally the Chinese:
* Prepare the goji berry as a tincture for use in their medicines
* Eat them raw
* Brew the goji berry in tea
*Traditional cooking – it is frequently used in Chinese soups, and it is also used in a popular Chinese wine

What Does Goji Berry Juice Taste Like?

Both the Goji berry and goji berry juices are very sweet. Many goji juice drinkers compare the taste of a goji berry to that of a raisin. In my opinion it tastes pretty good, but the taste should be irrelevant once you learn the numerous health benefits the goji berry provides.

The Health Benefits of the Goji Berry

The health benefits of the goji berry that have been known and used by the Chinese for centuries include:
* Improved circulation
* Improved vision
* Cancer-fighting properties
* Increased sperm production
* Replenished semen
* Well nourished liver and kidneys
* Better complexion

The goji berry, along with many other fruit juices, such as acai juice, contains a powerful amount of antioxidants. Beyond that goji berry juice contains natural vitamins and nutrients your body needs everyday. Goji berry juice contains nutrients like:
* Physalin
* Betatine
* Cyperone
* Beta-sitoserol

So forget about all of those sugary “fake” fruit juices that line the shelves of your grocery store. Simply go to your local health food store instead and make real juice for yourself or tell an employee at the store that you would like to give goji berry juice a try.

They will be able to help you and even explain the health benefits of this “super fruit” in more detail. Good luck on your journey towards health and wellness!