Xocai MLM Chocolate Business Review

Xocai is a MLM business that has been around for a couple of years, but has recently begun to experience significant growth. It is based out of Reno, Nevada and it markets “healthy” chocolate. Many people believe that Xocai is approaching or in the “momentum phase” of it’s growth.

Most people do not realize that cacao is actually a very nutritious product that contains high levels of antioxidants that are normally destroyed in the production of chocolate. Xocai has taken cacao, and processed in a way that preserves the health benefits of it’s antioxidants and then combined it with other products such as the acai berry, to make very tasty yet nutritious products.

In a world that has countless MLM companies pushing vitamins and supplements, the Xocai products are revolutionary. The fact that most people like chocolate makes it an easy sale and has resulted in much higher retention rates than are typical in the MLM industry. The product line includes products that add omega 3 supplements and protein and energy type supplements to it’s tasty products.

Having tried the Xocai products, I can confirm that they are very good. Actually, I should state that the Xocai chocolate is some of the best that I have tried, and I have had chocolate in Paris, Holland, and have, of course tried the best that American’s produce. Trying Xocai has given me a new appreciation of chocolate since I can eat the Xocai products and not feel like I am damaging my body. I have not experienced the “health benefits” of the Xocai chocolate yet, but have no reason to doubt the numerous testimonials of people experiencing relief from headaches, arthritis and lowered blood pressure. The Xocai site gives prospective customers numerous testimonials and university studies that backup the health benefits of unprocessed cacao and acai.

The business plan for Xocai marketers is a binary plan with a 50% payout to members. Members need to only build two legs in order to earn commissions and there is no “flushing” of volume. If, for instance one leg (the members power leg) has more volume than the other leg, the commissions are paid on the weaker leg and the member does not lose the volume in the stronger leg. The compensation plan is easy to understand and is simple because members need only sponsor two people and maintain a self-consumable amount of product and they will stay qualified for commissions. Since the idea of “nutritious” chocolate is relatively foreign to most people, once someone joins and likes the taste of the Xocai products, they tend to stay customers and provide the Xocai members with true residual income. For the above reasons, Xocai will be a great opportunity for years to come.

The company provides it’s members with a very complete site, that includes a retail store. There are also many tools to help members market their business. As an expert internet marketer, I believe that the Xocai is a good opportunity for people wanting to start a MLM business from home. It is also an excellent source for chocolate that will enhance health for those that just want to consume a health product that actually tastes good.